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MTU Direct Write

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Direct Write Substrate

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Depositing Droplet Evolution

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About This Animation


Dr. Edward Nadgorny
Department of Physics, Michigan Technological University
Houghton, Michigan


Dr. Susan E. Hill

Animation Usage

  1. "Assisted Laser Direct Write"
    This animation was used in the preliminary exam for MTU physics graduate student Changgong Zhou on February 14, 2005. His talk was open to all.
  2. "Plasticity and Material Aspects of Nanoparticles Patterning Using Laser-Based Deposition Technique"
    Presented by Dr. Edward Nadgorny at the International Symposium "Plasticity 2005", January 3 - 8, 2005, Kauai, Hawaii. After the talk, several persons asked the speaker about details of the technique, including comments on the animation.

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