Flash Media

Flash Collaborators - Scientific and Technical Flash Examples

Instrumentation, Diagrams

Electrospinning - rotoscoping

Laser Guidance Apparatus - toggle switch

MTU Direct Write - zoom

Pulsed Laser Vaporization - particle effects

Scanning Electron Microscopy - audio, video, illustration overlays, rollover tours

Superconducting Magnet - diagram, video, inset, overlay

Devices, Molecules and Crystals

3D Microbatteries - 3D animation import

Boron Nitride Nanotube Growth - particle effects

Bragg Filter Fabrication - particle effects, photo

Cantilevered Waveguide

Graphite Spiral

Ion Erosion of Vertically-Aligned MWNTs - 3D import animation, particle effects

Molecular Recognition Mediates the Fluorescence of Semiconductor Quantum Dot in Water

Moletronics: Mission Elektron - particle effects, video, character animation

Phase-Transfer Hydrogenation by Receptor-Modified Metal Nanoparticles

Poly(p-phenyleneethynylene) over SWNT

Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes

Graphing, Calculation

Gyrotropic Degenerate Bandgap

Polarization - drawing API, graph tracking, slider

Data Read

Monte Carlo Simulation of Impurities on Growth Spiral Steps - cursor tracking, playback speed control

Flash Collaborators - More Flash Examples

More Particle Effects

Great Lakes Food Web

Hydrologic Cycle

Visual and Performing Arts Animated Event Ads - 3D import

Wastewater Secondary Treatment

Wastewater Solids Digestion

Why Do Jack Pine Trees Grow After Fire?

More Graphing and Calculations

Emissions Calculator

Light Bulb Energy Savings

Municipal Solid Waste

Paper Plastic Energy Emissions


More 3D Imports

And On To The World

Coastal Dunes of Michigan - terrain


Human Activities and Climate Change - Stationary Sources

Human Activities and Climate Change - Mobile Sources - character animation

Wastewater Primary Treatment - particle effects

Wetland Ecosystems

What Is A Watershed? - terrain, particle effects

Quizzes, Diagnostics, Games

Activity - Where Does It All Go? - dropdown menus

GAME: Commodities to Products - drag and drop

GAME: Field to Table – With A Run Down Through The Lakes

How Does Groundwater Move? - multiple choice

Hydrologic Cycle Quiz - drag and drop

Phosphorus Management - sliders

Plume Source Game

Product Life Cycle Analysis - drag and drop

Recycle, Donate, Compost, Trash - drag and drop

Well Siting Game

Why Maritime Shipping?

Virtual Experiments

Biological Assessment - dropdown menus

Dune Health - sliders

Fuel Usage Simulator

Michigan Oil and Gas

pH in the Stream - slider

Sturgeon Egg Survival - sliders

Toxicity Testing

Rollover Tours

Forest Ecosystem - flashlight mask

Great Lakes Flow - particle effects

Hydroelectric Dam - particle effects

Impact of Rising Sea Levels

Lake Elevations

Modern Landfill

Proportion of People Living on Less Than $1 a Day

Sturgeon Population Status in Michigan Rivers

Flash as a Web Menu

Across the Country – Around the World

Michigan Dunes

Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts - rollover tour

Visual and Performing Arts - rollover tour