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Academic Programs in Nanotechnology

Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Nanotechnology


The Graduate Certificate in Nanotechnology recognizes advanced study of scientific, technological, and engineering topics in nanotechnology, including aspects of 1. characterization, 2. micro- to nano-scale fabrication and control, and 3. devices, systems and integration, and 4. The certificate also requires study of the societal and ethical implications of emerging technologies.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Nanoscale Science and Engineering (Nanotechnology)


The minor in Nanoscale Science and Engineering (Nanotechnology)

is deliberately designed to introduce students to the basic issues and overall scope of this field, encourage students to pursue interdisciplinary coursework outside their major, develop an understanding of the importance of flexibility in terms of careers, research, and education, and be flexible to allow for participation by students in diverse majors.

Student Initiatives

Nanotechnology Enterprise Team

Nanotech Innovations


Nanotech Innovations Enterprise Team Website

Enterprise Program

The Nanotechnology Enterprise seeks to provide undergraduate students with a comprehensive hands-on entrepreneurial educational experience as they research, develop and market nanotechnology-related products and services, and share their knowledge and experiences with first-year undergraduates and high school students and teachers.

Nanotechnology Student Association

Established to promote research in the field of nano-scale science and nanotechnology in theory and practice among MTU students by informing students of current research and opportunities within this field; to provide a contact between MTU students and professionals in both academia and industry by arranging lectures, presentations and social events and to provide contact with students of other colleges and universities with an interest in nanotechnology. Chartered in January 2004.


New Courses for Spring 2009

ENT 3970: Enterprise Special Topics
"Intellectual Property, Engineering Ethics & Nanotechnology Research & Development"

Courses for Fall 2008

MY 4970 Practical Scanning Probe Microscopy for Undergraduates

New Courses for Spring 2008

MY 4970 Nanomaterials & Nanofabrication

PH 5530 Selected Topics on Nanotechnology


Previous Funding

Nanotechnology Undergraduate Education 2003-2005

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NUE: Undergraduate Exploration of Nano-Science, Applications, and Societal Implications at Michigan Tech

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