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Graphite Spiral Map

Graphite with Growth Spirals: AFM images of fundamental screw-dislocation-generated growth spirals which occur on the growth hillocks. Most of the step edges are 6.7 Angstroms high (graphite's unit cell height along [001]), corresponding to a "double step". John Jaszczak research; John Rakovan collection and photo.


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Department of Physics

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Scott Post, Edward Nadgorny, Ibrahim Miskioglu, William Endres and Jaroslaw Drelich
Miguel Levy, Peter Moran, and Kee Moon
Ghatu Subhash and Xin-Lin Gao
John Jaszczak, Bruce Seely, Michele Miller, Gerard Caneba and Elias Aifantis
Craig Friedrich, Paul Bergstrom, Ashok Goel, Miguel Levy and Peter Moran
Ravindra Pandey

Summary of Sponsors

  • National Science Foundation
  • Stanford University
  • UES, Incorporated
  • US DEPT OF DEFENSE: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – Army Research Laboratory