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Feature: Nano Research Profiles

Ranjit PatiFeature: Ranjit Pati, Assistant Professor of Physics at MTU

Molecular Electronics (Moletronics) has opened up a new frontier aiming at ultimate miniaturization of electronic circuits with ultra high density electronic components. Pati's research primarily focused on addressing the fundamental challenges in molecular electronics by understanding the complex phenomena like "controlled electron transport" in molecular wires, which forms the basis of molecular electronics. He has published several research articles in this area. One of his recent paper is on "conformational molecular switch", which he published with his collaborator Dr. S. P. Karna from the Army Research Laboratory. Moletronics Fig. 1They found the molecular wire (Fig.1) exhibiting current switching between the planar and perpendicular orientations of the two pi-electron moieties with planar configuration (ON state) giving significantly higher current than the perpendicular conformation (OFF state).

Pati and Karna, Phys. Rev. B 69: 155419(1)-155419(4), 2004

Fall 2004