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NUE 2003-2004



Curriculum Materials Support

Graphics | Animation | Web Pages | Rich Content
General Functions of Flash
Adding Rich Content to PowerPoint

Contact Sue Hill for assistance with instructional technologies and curriculum materials development:

Mail to the Physics Department

Support List

  1. Graphics
    1. Photo Editing
      1. Cropping and resizing
      2. Touch-ups and color tuning
      3. Masking
      4. Filtering, drop shadows, embossing, etc.
      5. Composites and collages
      6. Panorama splicing
    2. Scanning
    3. Format Conversions
    4. Web Graphics
      1. Optimization of images
      2. Creation or use of web elements: backgrounds, logos, buttons, clip art
      3. Generation of 3D standard objects for photos and animation: cars, plants, appliances, landscapes, people, buildings, animals, etc.
    5. Digital Photography and QuickTime Clips

  2. Animation - Learn About the General Functions of Flash
    1. Flash animation will be the primary tool for animation and interactivity
    2. Alternative content
      1. Screen captures
      2. Simple text descriptions
      3. QuickTime playback of Flash
      4. GIF animation
      5. Stand-alone Flash executables
    3. Basic 3D animation
      1. Standard 3D objects
      2. Landscapes and geology (Bryce 5)

  3. Web Pages
    1. Main MTU NUE web pages
    2. Assistance with course web pages

  4. Assistance with Rich Content
    1. Using sound and video with web pages and animation
    2. Alternative solutions for students with disabilities
    3. Liaison with ETS for video and audio services
      1. Conversion of VHS to digital video
      2. Streaming video
      3. Videotaping, narration, and voice-overs
      4. Digital video editing
      5. QTVR panoramas
    4. Using Office and PDF documents in web sites
    5. CAD viewers and other specialty plug-ins
    6. Assistance with mobile presentations
      1. Redundancy and fail-safes
      2. Kiosk loops
      3. Packaging web sites
      4. Autostart CDs for public distribution
      5. PowerPoint issues
    7. Debugging technical issues
    8. Alternative content
      1. Screen captures
      2. Transcripts